Friday the 13,teenth
Updated: 12/10/2019
Friday the 13,teenth
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It was a cloudy Friday the 13,teenthwhen we herd Owels hooting out side.I was out their whith Braylen.Then THUD!i fell off the porch.Then I started to scream.My mom came rushing outside.I was crying,my eyes were over flowing whith tears.Are you okay asked my mom.No!So my mom took a picture of me and sent it to my dad.My dad came rushing over to the house.He was all woirred about me.Then my dog Nyx came running over to me.Nyx was all woirred about mejust as much as my dad.She came to cuddel with me.My mom put medicin on my eye.After thatmy mom let me cuddel whith her.Nyx was all pretectef about me and her and Lilly she was woirred about me to.So they got into a dog fight in the living room.My dad got the taser and they both stoped.Then Nyx came over to me agin.The next morningmy mom stayed home whith me and my went to work.Tears wee running down my face.
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