Polar Bear 2
Updated: 2/1/2021
Polar Bear 2

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  • William the Whale's progress:Prey count: 3
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  • 5 minutes ago...
  • Now, let's take a look at how Polly the Polar Bear is hunting her prey...
  • Polly the Polar Bear's progress:Prey count: 6
  • Polly sneaks up on the reindeer (and attacks), without being caught. All thanks are owed to her white fur which helped her camouflage into the environment...
  • A gray wolf had tried to attack the reindeer. However, the reindeer was able to catch sight of him & get away.
  • 1st place is...POLLY THE POLAR BEAR!(Currently ranking as the contestant with the highest # of prey hunted- Polly has achieved a score of 12 animals in just one day!
  • Now, for her to prove her victory...
  • My fellow polar bears and I have an advantage over many organisms in the arctic- a secret weapon if you may. And that is our white fur which helps us camouflage into our environment. We can sneak up onto our prey without being caught- and can easily pass as a snow drift. Having an adaptation like this, ensures our nutrition and therefore survival in the arctic, and the passing on of our genes to our offspring.