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Updated: 10/7/2020
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  • Amm..
  • will you come with us?
  • I really want to go with my friends.
  • should I steal from somebody ?
  • stop!!!
  • Tom and his friends decided to visit a movie theatre, but Tom hesitated to go with them because he didn't have enough money.
  • Stop!!
  • Help !!
  • He was so frustrated with the fact that he was not able to be with his friends, so he decided to steal cash from someone, he stood next to the university door and waited to find someone, he was really frightened but he still wanted to go with his friends.
  • You should work hard to become adequate enough to buy everything you need because stealing items will send you to prison.
  • I'm sorry
  • Mrs. Emma, who was a teacher in his university. walked out with her daughter to get back home. Tom ran towards Mrs. Emma and took her bag and fled quickly.
  • Aunt, you have shown that "forgiveness is nobler than revenge" because if that day you threw me in jail by taking revenge for my impression, it could result in the destruction of life and family.
  • Mrs. Emma called for help, suddenly a policeman, who was arriving from the other side of the street caught him, Tom gave back all the cash to Mrs. Emma and asked for forgiveness. Olivia, Mrs. Emma's daughter yelled at him and asked her mother to send him to prison.
  • Forgive me!
  • Mrs. Emma was so kind in nature so she asked the policeman to leave him. She gave him another chance to change his manner of stealing , so this particular instance left a profound mark on Tom and he started studying hard. It was his hard work that allowed him to become a business man today.
  • Years later, Tom and his family saw Mrs. Emma at a shop; she didn't even remember him. He came and thanked her on what she did, Mrs. Emma was so happy of what he had become (a business man) and she was so grateful that she was the one who gave him an opportunity by forgiving him, to become what he is today.
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