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Malak Mostafa 8D
Updated: 10/5/2020
Malak Mostafa 8D
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Science: Cell Organelles

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  • Good Morning! Today we will debate on which cell organelle is the most important. I will divide you to pairs then we will discuss the answers together.
  • I think the mitochondria are the most important part of the cell because they provide the cell with energy.
  • But I think that the nucleus is the most important organelle because it controls all the cell activities.
  • I think that Lysosomes are the most important organelle in a cell because it digests worn out parts of the cell and removes waste that can harm the cell.
  • No, I think that the Ribosomes are the most important organelle because it contains and makes proteins.
  • No, I think that the mitochondria are more important because without them the cell won't have enough energy to function well.
  • But if the cell didn't have a nucleus it will lose control and it won't know what to do plus it won't divide.
  • The lysosomes are the most important because if they weren't in the cell, it wont be able to survive because the wastes and worn out parts will stay in the cell. Eventually, it will die.
  • But at the same time if there weren't Ribosomes inside of the cell it won't produce proteins and as a result, it won't be able to function properly.
  • Calm Down Everyone!! We need to respect each other's opinion and listen to each other.
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