the bunny planet
Updated: 12/17/2019
the bunny planet
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  • mom.. can i buy candy please ?
  • Yes princess, but a little bit
  • i'm so happy!!!!
  • yes, don't worry
  • Are you going to eat them all? I think u'll have a stomach ache
  • Vanessa went to her mom to ask her if she can buy candy.
  • she went to the candy shop happy.
  • Vanessa is crying from her stomach ache
  • Vanessa's mom is angry and scared about her daughter
  • Vanessa arrived to the candy shop, she bought a lot of candies while her mom told her to buy one kind
  • Vanessa's mother started to talk with her about how worry she made her
  • Sorry mommy and daddy!
  • After Vanessa ate all the candy her stomach start to hurt very bad. Her parents called the ambulance
  • The doctors told Vanessa and her mother that eating too much candy isn't good for her
  • The doctor told Vanessa to stop eating candies
  • Vanessa's dad told his daughter to stop making him worried
  • Vanessa's parents sat down and talked to their daughter telling her she made them worry about her.Finally, Vanessa learnt her lesson and appologized
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