cupid and psyche 2
Updated: 1/24/2020
cupid and psyche 2
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  • A man shows at her bedside, murmuring into her ear. She feels his presence, and knows that this is no monster, but her husband.
  • They are coming to the hill where you disappeared to weep for you, but you must not let them see you no matter what.
  • I haven't seen my sisters in so long...
  • Okay
  • Ok, ok, fine. You can see them as long as you don't let them persuade you to find out who I am.
  • Psyche spent the rest of her day weeping, and her mysterious husband gives her a proposition.
  • Of course I won't! I would rather die 100 times over than live without you.
  • Oh, he's away on a hunting expedition.
  • Psyche's sisters interrogate her on the identity of her mystery man. Green with envy, her sisters plot to ruin her life. They leave, but return the next day.
  • Where is this husband of yours?
  • Psyche's heart broke as her sisters filled the grand banquet hall with negativity. As they continued, they advised her to hide a knife and a lamp under her bed so when he falls asleep, she can discover who he really is.
  • Your husband is not a man. He is the fearful serpent that Apollo's oracle declared he would be.
  • He may be kind to you now, but he will turn on you and devour you in the night.
  • Psyche follows through with her sisters' plan and discovers that her husband is Cupid.
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