anonymous texter
Updated: 12/19/2019
anonymous texter
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  • intro
  • look outside
  • outside. now.
  • who are you?
  • answer my question first
  • rising action
  • Who is this guy and what is his deal?
  • I don't know, Penelope. He's really creeping me out.
  • Here's his $5000. He better keep quiet.
  • climax
  • Yeah he'd better. it's getting late, i say we leave the money and go home.
  • Two teenage girls get a random, anonymous text one day that sends chills down their spines.
  • falling action
  • Oh my god! the money is gone!
  • The Anonymous Texter starts getting hostile with the two girls, Penelope and Spencer. He asks for money or else he will hack their phones and show their texts.
  • falling action
  • i have the money. consider working with me... done.
  • Penelope and Spencer get the Anonymous Texter his money. He never shows up to the arranged meeting area.
  • Resolution
  • shucks!
  • Spencer and Penelope go back to where they left the money. it's gone!
  • The girls get one last text from him and tell their parents about it.
  • i'll make that desision when the time comes.
  • good. never contact us again.
  • The police can't find the anonymous texter OR the money and the girls feel very upset...
  • Sorry ladies... the money and the texter havent been able to be found... theres nothing we can do.
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