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Updated: 11/3/2018
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  • We must'n waste time...
  • The names Monroe, James Monroe, and I am the East Coasts newest textile entrepreneur. As you can witness behind me within the week we are expanding into a larger factory and we have people lining up already for this opportunity to work for me!
  • E-e-excuse me, it's a little smokey, is their a way to open a window or something... I don't feel so good.
  • Alright Children, you can see  here is where the production of metal related garments will be made... use the tools down here and... get to it!
  • I have 100 other kids, women and men who don't complain... shut up if you want this job!
  • Uh... how do we use this machinery? I'm not sure I'm ready...
  • Here is where the main section of our children work. Sewing the clothes , 14 hours a day!
  • Excuse us Sur, ourbody be weak from the dry air although down here, barely any sunlight and stabbing ourselves with the needles!!!
  • Meet James Monroe, an upcoming entrepreneur in the Industrial Revolution Era. Starting a small fabric and textile company in his fathers barn, after years of working hard and a hefty invest from his father, he has enough money to expand into a huge factory and begin a new system of mass production. Hiring people 8 years and older. In order to profit and make hundreds of dollars the employees must bring their A game to contribute.
  • Mr. Monroe does not have time for immature children with his industry in high demand. The entrepreneur has no regard for the children well being or safety and only cares about the money. The lack of explanation for equipment and unethical conditions might become an issue for his factory in the days to come. But with the amount of unemployment, James won't have a problem finding someone to fill his positions at work.
  • Only through monopolizing on this new industry and abusing my workers through low wages and poor conditions am I able to have EVERYTHING I have... They could never know, I can't risk my lavish life over the pitied poor.
  • Monroe makes the younger kids work 14 hours straight with no breaks in such horrible conditions. The kids are begging for fresh air, sunlight and safer conditions but the boss wont listen to their problems because hes money hungry. 
  • Welcome to my humble home, my wife and I live within it. For a man of my prestige it's a truly reasonably sized house. Of course, my 10 maids and servants live in here as well, but my wife and I enjoy our space... this house hits the spot and I could not have done it without this new free enterprise market!
  • Let me explain, I have worked so hard and struggled financially for the longest time but now I have worked my way to become a top shark and I regret nothing! Just look around my house, its beautiful...
  • Simply put, I am the reason that society has been expedited so vastly. I provide a community for my employees and they all live near the factory they work. Their attendance at work has increased, they are making enough to support their families, and they are giving back into the business. My textile company is the new big business helping society.
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