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Percy Jackson And The Battle Of The Labyrinth
Updated: 8/29/2020
Percy Jackson And The Battle Of The Labyrinth
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The Battle of the Labyrinth is a fantasy-adventure novel inspired Greek mythology and written in 2008 by Rick Riordan. It is the fourth in the Percy Jackson series. An outstanding novel on how few teenage demigods defeat the battle of the labyrinth.

Storyboard Text

  • it all started when we all arrived at camp half blood , I the son of Poseidon (God of The ocean), Annabeth daughter of Athena ( Goddess of wisdom) and Grover ( A regular bff satyr)
  • clarice (Daughter of The god of war) and Annabeth had found the entrance to the labyrinth and kept it a secret.
  • they were trying to find the the labyrinth to stop Luke(betrayed demigod) from attacking camp
  • They had entered the labyrinth with Grover, Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson (Percy's half brother who is a cyclops).They had to go through a lot of battles and challenges .
  • The Battle Of the Labyrinth By: Rick Riordan
  • Meanwhile, Nico (The son of Hades, the God of Death)had arrived at his dad's castle to exchange a soul to bring back his sister
  • The four that went into the labyrinth had decided to split up into Percy and Annabeth and Grover and Tyson . Percy and Annabeth had gone through the labyrinth and reached Mount St. Helens, where they are confronted by several telkhines which are supernatural evil creatures . an earthquake suddenly shoots percy up the Volcano.
  • He wakes up in Ogygia Island, where Calypso lives. She is the daughter of Atlas a Titan. She is cursed so she cant leave the island. Percy knows he needs to leave and find a way home. Everyone else thinks he is dead , he gets back and Annabeth and him go to Manhattan.
  • The four fighters were trying to find Daedalus (the guy who invented the labyrinth) workshop where Luke and his army was heading , but they weren't there. They tried to stop Luke and his army from getting to camp but they couldn't. They got ready for a fight with the titans and at the brick of losing daedlus had arrived with a giant and they all saved the camp.
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