Updated: 1/15/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Good morning, class! Ready to talk about the consequences of special relativity?
  • What is that, sir? Even special relativity has consequences?
  • Well, I'm sure that you are now well aware that special relativity explains how space and time are related to each other. Now, Albert Einstein, one of my close friends, predicted that moving around the speed of light has consequences.
  • These consequences are Relative Simultaneity whereas two distant events occur at the same time but others looking from a different reference view may see it as if the events did not really occur at the same time. For example, an explosion in US and another in China appearing to happen at the same time to observers on Earth, will appear to have occurred at slightly different times to an observer from the International Space Station located above the Earth.
  • Another consequence of special relativity is called Time Dilation. This basically means that the faster you move through space, the slower you move through time. Finally, the third consequence of special relativity is called the Length Contradiction. It is the phenomenon that a moving object's length is measured to be shorter than its proper length, which is the length as measured in the object's own rest frame. For example, the average length of a bus at rest is 11m, but as the bus moves fast, you may perceived its length as shorter than its average length at rest.
  • That's it for today, class. I hope you learned something from today's lesson, the Consequences of Special Relativity.