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polluted waters
Updated: 5/17/2018
polluted waters
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  • Hi guys!
  • Where did all of this come from?
  • num, num, num
  • So then I was like, "No way!"
  • OMG, that is too funny!
  • This is Fred. He is a fish, and this is the story of how water pollution changed his life forever.
  • It all started one day when he was swimming along his home the reef, and he saw trash floating all around him. Fred was very confused. Where did this trash come from?
  • Oh, I don't feel so good...
  • I need to go get help...
  • At the time, where the trash had come from was a mystery to Fred. But Fred soon learned that the trash came from a very sad thing: human carelessness.
  • Here is how water pollution works: People drop trash, then it rains. After it gets washed away, It may seem like the problem is done with, but it is not. The trash ends up in rivers and bays, which carry it to the ocean. Usually, bodies of water can get rid of waste, but when there is too much waste for it to handle, it becomes water pollution.
  • The fact that the ocean can't get rid of all the trash is bad enough, but it gets worse. Sometimes, animals see the trash and think it is food, so they eat it. But this can make them very sick. Fred learned about that too, when he saw a shark eat a trash can lid one morning. The shark was sick by the time night had arrived.
  • Oh no!
  • Taking better care of our environment is important not only to the survival of animals, but to us as well. Our water supply is very limited, 70% of our fresh water goes to agriculture, 2% is in icebergs, and only 1% is for drinking.
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