Another Evening at the Club- Mallory Minton
Updated: 3/18/2020
Another Evening at the Club- Mallory Minton

Storyboard Text

  • Come sit down.
  • Come into the kitchen with me, daughter.
  • Sounds wonderful.
  • She will be staying at home, preparing for your happy life together.
  • How did such a man find his way to my father's door?
  • You're very lucky. He has money, and you know what are situation is. He can buy you a house, as well as one for vacations.
  • Later in their lives, after marriage
  • Who could've done it? Was it the servant?
  • I didn't take the ring, I promise!
  • You were the only one in this room, of course you stole the ring! The police will take care of you.
  • I don't think she did it!
  • I found the ring! The police have been torturing the girl, they can let her go now!
  • The whole town will know. We'll keep quiet and wait it out. We can keep our reputations at the servant's expense.