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Updated: 12/12/2019
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Storyboard Description

this story is a readapt-ion of Nacho Libre with a very different ending

Storyboard Text

  • use a crabbing shot and a long shot to show the line for the match. the people are talking.
  • zoom into nachos faceuse a close up to show that he is distressed and then he begins to cry because he is scared of going against Ramses
  • Low lighting and the use a cut to a close up of the other wrestlers and pan the camera to see them leave to cut to Esqeleto holding Nacho and to see is is almost dying
  • the two wrestlers will circle the ring an d the camera will track them with a close up of them then it will begin to cross cut to Ramsus smiling then to Esqeleto frowning due to his impending doom
  • Use a low angle shot where the arrow is to show that Ramsus has won and then use a close up of Esqeleto to show that he has gained the strength to win.
  • fade to this and use a pan from where the arrow is and the pan from left to right then to use a close up of Chancho to show that he is crying and that nacho had died
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