USA 4th of July
Updated: 3/12/2020
USA 4th of July

Storyboard Text

  • Sir _____________________________, an English voyager was given permission by Queen Elizabeth I to explore colonising North America. He set sail in 1585 and founded a colony called ___________________. However the colony did not survive. Later in 1607, the British established the first surviving colony, ___________________________.
  • In England by 1608, there was a growing group of Protestant Christians called _______________________. They did not agree with the Church of England and wanted to break away. They hoped that if they traveled to the __________________________, they could find peace there.
  • In May 1620, a ship called the ________________________ set sail from ___________________, England across the Atlantic Ocean to North America. It carried _______ 102 passengers, most of them Puritans, all hoping to start a new life in the 'New World'! They came known as the __________________.
  • These settlers became colonists, taking over land and growing their own food. Their numbers grew from 52,000 settlers in 1650 to ______ million in 1760, and many big cities such as ________________ and _______________ were established. Up to this point, they were still _____________ to the British Empire and the English Kings.
  • Tea from _________ and sugar from North America became increasingly popular. Tea was one of the most __________________ items during the 17th and 18th centuries. Tea was imported to North American from China. The British started to impose heavy _____________ on tea imports, which began to cause ______________________________in the American colonists.
  • The British Empire was often fighting lots of __________ against the French. They also needed money to keep _________________ of their Empire. This meant they were in _____________and always needed more money. They began heavily _____________ the settlers in north America.