The Great Adventure at Yellowstone
Updated: 2/12/2021
The Great Adventure at Yellowstone

Storyboard Text

  • Chapter 1: In this chapter, present Karen, Alex and Sally, Sally goes to Yellowstone to spend a summer.Chapter2: The mother of Karen and Alex is comunicated to two wolfs (Malik and Lakota) are missing. Karen, Alex and Sally are ready to go for the wolves.
  • Chapter3: Karen, Alex and Sally wake up and eat the breakfast, then, they leaving home and go to find the wolfes. In the road, they find a river, Sally don't now how swim, and fall to the river, but Alex rescues her from drowning.
  • Chapter4: They keep walking it starts to get dark, Then, they go to the Grant's Cabin. Alex, tells a legend of the Cabin, in the nigths of full moon, in the cabin appear.
  • Chapter5: They go for wood to do a fire. The guys they ligth a fire, they eat and go to sleep. In the middle of the nigth, a bear appears, and have wolfes behind.They go out of the cabin and follow the wolves.
  • Chapter6: They go to the mountais, to look for the wolves, They see a lot of animals, a elk, beavers, coyotes. Sally go for wood, but she don't return, when Alex go for sally, they see a big cat, but they escaped easily.
  • Chapter7: When They wake up, see a Bison stomp, they run.After a time to walk, the see a coyote, then, The coyote starts walk and they start to follow. After, they see two wolves, Malik and lakota, They have 4 pups.