English assignment
Updated: 11/19/2018
English assignment
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  • Actor/s Movement: Lindsey is sitting in the dentist chair comfortably Camera movement: Still long shot to show the situation Soundtrack: Happy (Diegetic) radio music plays softly in the background
  • Actors movement: The "dentist" is thinking that his plan is working perfectly. Camera movement: Close up on his face. Soundtrack: Piano (Diegetic) Dun dun duuuun
  • Actor/s Movement: Lindsey moves uncomfortably in her chair as she desperately needs to got to the bathroom. Camera Movement: Long shot to show that the flame is getting bigger. Soundtrack:radio (Diegetic) still playing but changed to a dramatic song
  • Actor/s movement: Lindsey gets up to go to the toilet! Camera movement: Close up on Lindsey and the "Dentist" to show their emotions. Soundtrack: Slight build up of intense music
  • (Split screen) Actor's Movement: Camera follows Lindsey runs to find a toilet."Dentist" (trying to escape) is jiggling the stuck door handle. Camera movement: Tracking shot following Lindsey as she runs along the street and a point-of-view shot of the door handle. Soundtrack: Dramatic (Diegetic) music plays loudly
  • Actor/s movement: Lindsey is running to find a bathroom when she hears an explosion and see the burning building behind her. Camera movement: Long shot of Lindsey running away from the building. Soundtrack: Explosion and burning building sounds.
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