My New School
Updated: 12/31/2020
My New School

Storyboard Text

  • I made the roof like that so the school can collect it's own water. There is also a tube which transports the water that it had collected into an underwater tank.
  • What else does your school have?
  • My school uses solar energy to create electricity, so I put solar panels on the walls so it can collect solar energy.
  • Is there any other way to make electricity in your school?
  • Yes!!It also uses wind energy to make electricity. I put windmills around the school so that it can make electricity.
  • Wow!!
  • Your school has so many special and amazing things. I am sure the students will love studying there.
  • Thanks a lot.
  • Let's get going now or else we will be late for our school.Bye!!
  • Yeah.Bye!!!