Manila hawil english assignment
Updated: 3/19/2020
Manila hawil english assignment

Storyboard Text

  • Omg I really hope Lorenzo asks me to the formal
  • Don't worry he'll ask you out!
  • OMG don't look now but Lorenzo's coming!
  • Wait where are you going?!
  • leaving.
  • Wow Amanda look's cute.. i wish she liked me
  • omg he might ask Amanda to the formal!!!
  • Amanda has had a huge crush Lorenzo for a while and the formal was coming up and Amanda was hoping that Lorenzo asked her to the formal. Her best friend Angela was trying to make her feel better about it.
  • Um will you go to the formal with me?!
  • omg no way! OF COURSE I'LL GO WITH YOU!
  • During the first break Amanda and Angela were standing by their lockers when Angela saw Lorenzo and told Amanda so Amanda got very nervous.
  • I can't wait for tonight! Let's get ready.
  • Amanda started walking away because she was too nervous to be around Lorenzo, little did she know he liked her back...
  • Im so happy for you guys!
  • Thank you Angela!!
  • During class Lorenzo went up to Amanda and asked her to the formal! She couldn't believe it.
  • Later that day Amanda and Angela got ready for the formal. They were so excited to dance and sing.
  • During the formal Angela told Lorenzo and Amanda that she was happy for them. They danced and sang the whole night and went home very tired.