Updated: 5/4/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Getting close to John village and the others were surprised by the king's infantry, when everything seemed lost they were surprised, a mysterious knight covered in a gray cloak appeared and together with John and the fugitives managed to defeat the king's troops. The knight reveals his face, it was Diana who had trained for months and became the most skilled warrior in the village and had only one goal, to defeat the king and end his reign of greed and tyranny.
  • In a beautiful village in a distant land there was a beautiful couple, John and Diana. Diana was very happy and had gone to visit her elderly parents...
  • ...when she returned home she was surprised that the evil king had kidnapped all the men able to work and placed them as slaves in their coal mines. Diana burst into tears and didn't know what to do.
  • John and the other men were being mistreated inside the mine by the king's men. For months and they were already weak and exhausted, until John went into a physical fight with one of the guards, causing all the other enslaved men to react and thereby managing to escape.
  • After the liberation of the enslaved, John and Diana gathered all the inhabitants of the village, who, armed with swords, bows, stones and sticks, advanced towards the castle and confronted the king's troops. John was in an intense duel with the king and when everything seemed lost, once again Diana appears and together Diana and John defeat the king.
  • Now the whole village is free from tyranny, there will be no king anymore and the village would be governed by laws created in conjunction with the people. To celebrate freedom a great party was held at the castle, representing the end of the years of oppression.