OOPS Concepts

Updated: 6/19/2020
OOPS Concepts

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  • oh yeah, and it is new for me. Could you help me please
  • Hello there! are you taking OOP?
  • yeah sure
  • So, these are fish and fish are herbivores, right? and they are also animals. It is called inheritance!
  • Oh I see, so what if polymorphism?
  • That's different, polymorphism would be the bark of a dog and meow of a cat. We are speak!
  • so cute...
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Other term is encapsulation, do you know that the car is not only made by wheels, lights, and engine. But also the speed and braking system!
  • too much
  • Kind of, the example of abstraction is the steering mechanism, how it gets move is all abstracted and you just need to drive easily
  • Inheritance is a relationship between classes to acquire the properties of other classes and provides code re-usability.
  • That would be similar to abstraction?
  • Polymorphism is the ability of an object to be in different form that already related by using inheritance
  • So, those are the 4 concepts that you need to understand to do OOP!
  • oh wonderful! thank you so much
  • Encapsulation is a method to bundling data and methods into one class (unit) to hide the internal function from outside of the object
  • Abstraction is a concept to hide the complexity (internal implementation) details and shows only the functionality information to the user
  • Class: A template of methods and variables from which objects are created. Object: A component which consists of method and determines the behavior of class