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ELA summer project
Updated: 9/3/2020
ELA summer project
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Storyboard Text

  • Help!
  • I would like to inform you that the Gref Orisé are planning an attack.
  • The girl that is facing the boy is named Gabrielle,she is a bonemender. Right now she is "seeing" herself moving the boy's bone back in place. This is important because it tells us what she is and what a bonemender does.
  • After a long day of working as a bonemender Gabrielle comes home and hears someone calling for help. It's a elf calling for help because his friend is hurt. This is important because it's they are the first elf's that came to the city in hundred years.
  • This shows that Feléon is telling that the greffaires were planing an attack on the city.Feléon tells them that he captured one of the Greffaires and he told him everything. This is important if Feléon didn't tell them they would not be able to be ready for war.
  • Retreat!!!
  • This is important because the Gabrielle and Feléon started liking each other.This happened a few days after they first came to the castle. They went out to get flowers for Gabrielle potions.
  • In this scene Gabrielle and Triston are dancing.The reason they are dancing is because they always do a little dance whenever they are at a party. This is important because this is the last time they can have fun before the war.
  • In this scene it shows that Gabrielle wasn't able to save her dad and even though she doesn't realize she is being kidnapped by the enemy. This is important because every bonemender learns they can't save everyone and Gabrielle had to learn it the hard way.
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