Independence of Ecuador

Updated: 6/17/2021
Independence of Ecuador

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  • The Independence of Ecuador
  • Hi I am Liza and today I am going to tell you abou The Independence of Ecuador
  • Let's Start!
  • More than 200 years ago a big part of Latin america were colonies of the spanish empire
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • But in 1808 Napoleon Bonaparte the emperor of France invaded spain and expanded his dominian throughout Europe.
  • At the same time in our territory, which at that time was called The Royal Audience of Quito, many people dreamed of independence and a group of them took the advantage of the French invasion to Spain to fight for their goal...
  • Then they met at a farm in The Valley of the Chillos near Quito inspired by the ideas of the great thinker Eugenio Espejo to plan the way in which these territories would finally be free.
  • People who dreamed on independence
  • Eugenio Espejo