Pollution in seas and oceans
Updated: 5/20/2020
Pollution in seas and oceans

Storyboard Text

  • Children, we are going to make a excursion about the enviroment and the pollution
  • Children, rubish and plastic pollute the seas, the ocean, rivers, etc.For this reason, you should not throw away the rubish.
  • Now we are going to clean this dirty beach. When we finish, we are going to take a pedal boat.
  • That's a huge puddle of petroleum.When the ship sails, they release oil or gasoline.That is very bad for the fish and birds that feed on them.We are in a pedal boat that doesn't pollutes the environment.
  • Children, I'm wearing now a snorkel tube, that's because we are going to go diving with a submarine.
  • Yeahhhh!!!
  • In a moment we can go outside and see the animals