the crucible

Updated: 5/13/2020
the crucible

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  • Hecate, CerridmenHecate, Cerridmon
  • I'm here to get rid of the devil.
  • Reverend Parris caught girls in a forest practicing "witchcraft" (dancing).
  • She's a witch!!!
  • Betty was there and the reverend was angry at her for dancing. The day after she wouldn't wake up. Abigail says that they didn't practice witchcraft, they were just dancing.
  • Because my name is ALL I have left!!!
  • Abigail threatens the rest of the girls to keep quiet because if they confess to witchcraft they would be punished. Also Mr. Hale is called to banish the devil from the village.
  • Hang them!!!!
  • John and Marry went to tell the truth about the girls but once it come out Abigail starts mocking Marry which makes the court think she put a spell on Abigail.
  • Danforth tried to get Proctor to sign his confession but he said no because all he had left was his name.
  • Why won't you sign?
  • John Proctor argues his affair with Abigail and confesses to adultery to save his wife and is later accused of devil worship and hanged