Cake Making Meth

Updated: 10/6/2021
                                                               Cake Making Meth

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  • Hi everyone, I'm your host and today we will learn the methods for Cake making
  • Hi Miss Becky
  • There are four basic types of cake baking methods when you mix ingredients together to make your cake.These methods are 1. The Melting Method2.The Whisking Method3. Creaming Method 4. Rubbing in method
  • However , Ladies and Gentleman today we will be looking at these methods briefly. You all can then go back to your respective classes.
  • The Whisking Method This method is used for fatless cakes. Eggs and sugar are whisked together until they become thick and creamy. During this time the mixture traps air, ensuring that the cake will expand in the oven. The flour is gently folded into the mixture to prevent losing air.Example of cakes using the whisking method are Chocolate/ vanilla Swiss Roll and Sponge Flan
  • The Melting Method In this , the dry ingredients are put into a bowl. Melted ingredients are then poured over the dry ones and mixed in until well combined. Examples of cakes using these methods are gingerbread and Fruit cake
  • The Rubbing -in method This method is used for plain cakes and do not have much fat . The flour is sieved into a bowl with the raising agent. The butter or margarine is rubbed into the flour until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Then add dry ingredients and then liquid to make a wet dough