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Updated: 5/22/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Greek Era (460 B.C-260 B.c)Democritus belived that the world is made up of empty space and tiny particles called atoms
  • Hmm. what is that little thing over there?
  • 1803 A.D-John Dalton discovered that all matter is made up of atoms and that all atoms of an element are exactly alike.
  • 1856 A.D-J.J Thompsom discovered that it was false that an atom was a perfect sphere.
  • I'm very smart
  • 1869 A.D-Dimitri Mendeleev arrange alements into 7 groups. He discovered the properties of elements.
  • 1930 A.D- Schrodinger viwed electrons as clouds and introduced wave mechanics as a mathematical model of an atom
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