SPICESS project
Updated: 2/17/2020
SPICESS project

Storyboard Text

  • My SPACE is awesome. I've just come back from school and my room is very clean! SPACE is when some features are organised and managed.
  • My special PLACE is my dance studio. I love to to dance. PLACE means too have meaning to you or people.
  • This ENVIRONMENT is beautiful and the trees let us breathe. ENVIRONMENT refers to all living and non-living things that support life.
  • These bushland are awesome! CHANGE is a living or non-living 'things' are always changing, some slowly like glaciers and some fast like bushland getting cut down for houses.
  • INTERCONNECTION means that all living and non-living things are connected. Eg. The Water Cycle
  • sustainability can be achieved by saving water at home. use half the flush on the toilet! the worlds issues such as how much water we have can be described as SCALE. SCALE is to a concept of measurement that can for eg be seen as 1 cm but in real life it's 1 m or 100 m.