Updated: 2/17/2020

Storyboard Text

  • WOW! What a large space! I came here by the bus, stop at the bus stop and had a walk around this beach. Space - how we arrange features to maintain a managed and organised look.
  • Place - The place has a meaning to you or people. ie. home, club, church
  • This is my favourite place. My house!
  • Interconnection means that all living and non living things on Earth are connected.
  • Like The Water Cycle!
  • Change - living and non-living things are always changing, some slowly like the glaciers or fast like bushland getting cut down for houses.
  • Environment means all living and non-living things that supports life. There are many different environments. ie, this lake
  • Sustainability is very important, it means avoiding the depletion of natural resources on Earth. For example: saving water.
  • And not waste it!AHHH! Help, Mum!