Fundamentals of life theory of cells

Updated: 9/3/2021
Fundamentals of life theory of cells

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  • Ugh! Everyone does the same thing, im creating a brand and update microscope!
  • -Zacharias Jansen, 1600
  • This is great! I just discovered the bacteria. Im a genius!
  •  Anton van leeuwenhoek, 1600.
  • Robert Hooke, 1600
  • My turn, I discovered the cells. 
  • Matthias schleiden, 1800s
  • But did y´all knew, plants are made of cells?
  • Yeah, but I discovered that all animals are made of cells.
  • Theodore schwann, 1800s
  • The three statements of cell theory:
  • 3.All cells must come from pre-existing cells.2.Cell is the most basic unit of life.1.All living beings are made up of cells.