The grammar method translation 2
Updated: 6/15/2020
The grammar method translation 2
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  • Student translate new words from English into spanish.
  • I'm going to dictate a text in English and you're going to translate it into Spanish, are you ready?
  • Students learn about what means "-ty" termination translated to Spanish.
  • Well, in Spanish the ending -Ty is used with words ending in -Dad and -Tad.
  • Well today I will mainly explain the meaning of the termination -Ty in Spanish.
  • Please someone give me a rule and example were it applies.
  • Students apply a rule to examples they are given.
  • Rule of the verb to be.Example: I'm going to eat.I'm using "I'm" before going to.
  • Now, can someone give me a grammar rule for the use of the direct object using two words?
  • Students are given a grammar rule for the use of a direct object with two words verbs.
  • To identify the direct object we must follow the rule of asking "to what?"She hit "Mike."
  • Ok teacher.
  • Ok teacher.
  • Students memorize vocabulary.
  • Ok teacher.
  • The teacher asks students to state grammar rule.You will write down in English the words that I will dictate to you and every day at the end of the class we will repeat them in group, Did you understand?
  • Could someone tell me grammatical rules?
  • Word order in questions.
  • Capital letters at the beginning of sentences.
  • The teacher asks students to state grammar rule.
  • Use conjunctions.
  • Make use of the times, know when to apply them.
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