French and Indian war
Updated: 1/29/2021
French and Indian war

Storyboard Text

  • Only Native Americans lived in the Americas before Christopher Columbus arrived. After Columbus soldiers from Spain took land from the Natives. Explorers from France claimed land and traded with Natives in a friendly way.
  • People came from Great Britain and built homes. Some people wanted gold. Others wanted religious freedom. The British colonies became too crowded. The people wanted to move into the Ohio River Valley. The French became angry. They believed the land belonged to them. They would fight for it. The Native Americans would help the French.
  • The British colonies began fighting the French and Native Americans. They called it the French and Indian War. They were fighting for the Ohio River Valley Land. At first the British soldiers were losing the war. The French and their Native allies were winning. The British won. They won the land , but King George III would not allow colonists to move west of the Appalacians. He did not want to fight the Native for the land.