Comic María Inglés
Updated: 12/12/2020
Comic María Inglés

Storyboard Text

  • Emma, William and Jack went to the forest to spend the day outside.
  • Me too Emma!
  • I want to explore the forest!
  • While they were walking, they heard something that scared them.
  • Omg, there are 2 bears! i'm getting scared
  • Don't move, you are making a lot of noise
  • Because of them being scared, they ran away and found two trails. As one was blocked by a snake, unfortunately, they took the wrong way.
  • Everything goes wrong for us!
  • Keep running Jack!
  • It started to rain and they waited for the rain to stop inside a cave. They have thought what to do.
  • I was thinking about spending the night here
  • I know a place that we can go to be safer
  • They had found a barn to sleep.
  • That's!
  • Cool!
  • When the sun rose, they run away because Anthony was angry.
  • Get out of my barn you punks!!!
  • RUN!!!
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