The pearl Part 2
Updated: 5/19/2020
The pearl Part 2

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  • The next day, Kino and the whole village went to the pearl buyers to sell the pearl. The pearl buyers were pretty shock of the size of it, but they said it wasn't worth much money. One said, " Who would buy a pearl this big" another said, " It won't be long before the pearls color comes off." Kino refused the low price they gave him and decided he was going to travel to the capitol and sell his pearl there.
  • I'm afraid this pearl is not worth much.
  • That's not true!!
  • The family decided to leave the next day and they needed to rest well, because it's a long journey. Late at night when Juana thought Kino was sleeping she snuck slowly outside with the pearl. Juana had enough of the bad luck that came with the pearl, so she decided to throw it back into the ocean.
  • Kino ran after Juana and grabbed the pearl from her hand and pushed her to the ground before she had a chance to do anything. He was really angry and couldn't believe that his own wife turned against him and the only chance of him living in wealth, but Juana only did this to get rid of the bad luck that came with the pearl. Kino walked away from her and the beach in disbelieve.
  • Kino! Please let me throw it back into the ocean. This thing only got us bad luck.
  • I will sell it tomorrow at the capital and we will profit from it.
  • On the way back home on the unclear dark path, Kino bumped into a man the scared him and though that he wanted to steel the pearl, so he quickly grabbed his knife and stabbed the man who also hit Kino, they both fell to the ground and Kino fell unconscious and he lost grip of the pearl that rolled on the ground.
  • When Juana was on her way back home she saw the pearl laying on the ground and thought Kino must have dropped it and she still has a chance to get rid of it, but when she focused she saw Kino laying on the ground, she got scared and woke him up, but when he got up all he could think of is the pearl and he thought someone stole it, but Juana told him that she found it. Kino was scared of the consciousness that will come with killing a man, so he decided that they will leave to the capitol before dawn and not come back.
  • This pearl is bad luck! Let's get rid of it.
  • Kino!! What happened?!
  • I think I killed the man!
  • NO!! At dawn we leave to the capitol.