teen Q&A coronavirus

Updated: 7/29/2020
teen Q&A coronavirus

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  • can i go to emma's house ifi mantain the social distance with her?
  • the answer is no because you without realizing it you can touch things and get infected
  • she asked me if she could go to her friend's house if she manteing social distance
  • my lungs are good and i have very good defenses im very sure that im not get infected
  • but that's not true no matter if you had very good defenses you could get infect anyperson can get infected no matter what
  • he said that he had very good lungs and very good defenses and he said he was sure that he wasn't gonna get infected
  • anybody around me is infected son then why i cant go outside and play basketball
  • the answer to that is that if you play basketball that means tou have to had close interactions whit other people and if only one player in finfeced that means that any of you could get infected
  • he said that nobady around him was infected and he askeed whay he couldn,t go outside and play basketball