The Jackson Comic Strip
Updated: 1/31/2021
The Jackson Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • Andrew Jackson's cared about the common people, farmers, and already being a war hero he won the election easily
  • I stand for the common people in America. I believe, together, we can unite this nation.
  • The Supreme Court had agreed to help the Native Americans, but Jackson refused to let them stay and have them moved to the Indian territory
  • No buts! I will NOT take this situation anymore! I will send my soldiers to move Native Americans to the west, that's final!
  • But... Mr. President
  • We demand you to remove the TARIFF OF ABOMINATIONS!
  • During Jackson's presidency, tariffs were increased in South California, which led to confrontation with the Federal government, in disagreement
  • We will live the country if this situation goes any further!