Updated: 5/29/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Bullying is the most significant problem that occurs in school and it can be physical, verbal, social, and cyber. In your case, your daughter experienced racist bullying, and as much as possible we want to avoid this.
  • · It gives an impact on our student’s physical, mental, and emotional health. Your daughter experienced loneliness and low self-esteem after being bullied.
  • We just want to ask how you deal with this kind of deviant behavior.
  •  We encourage people who know about the bullying to report. As the parents or students started to report about this problem, we started to take an action by talking to students. 
  • We want to know the reasons why they bullied their classmate because our job is to make the school environment safe. 
  • Furthermore, we educate our students about the action that characterizes bullying. We promote a sense of trust that their “report” will not cause more harm than good.
  • We are working hard to provide safe places where students speak to peers about bullying.
  • Well, as parents, we would love to hear about how you deal with this kind of deviant behavior and for making sure the safety of the school environment.
  •  Besides, I just also want to explain the importance of the human rights of your daughter and that is to have the right to be free from any kind of violence and the right to have a safe school environment
  • By these, our school is taking our responsibility to protect every student’s human rights and create a safe environment by standing up against violence and bullying.
  • We also want to make sure that students also have a responsibility to protect the human rights of others.
  • It is just right because we just want to avoid this kind of problem. Also, don’t worry because we will take an action for this and we will talk to those students who bullied your daughter.
  •  We just like to thank you for talking with us about our concern.