Storyboard Commercial
Updated: 5/26/2021
Storyboard Commercial

Storyboard Text

  • Walking like any other day
  • m
  • m
  • Transform to a Human
  • m
  • After transforming
  • No that's not mine and I do not want to eat you.
  • Two m&m are walking like they normal day into the red m&m find's in the floor money.
  • Gets hit by a bus
  • After getting the money the m&m turns into a human .
  • Crashes
  • The red m&m goes up to a stranger excited if this is his money and that if he wanted to eat him. The man says no creppy out like why was he excited about that.
  • Ending scene 
  • After running around going up to people to ask if they are going to eat him he gets hit by the bus.
  • Red m&m crashed to fruits from fruit selers.
  • He looks at himself in the window with the yellow m&m
  • m