The Story Of Moses 2
Updated: 2/9/2020
The Story Of Moses 2

Storyboard Text

  • Moses went outside and saw the Egyptians hitting the Israelites he demaded for them to stop
  • Stop hitting him that's not right he hasn't done anything wrong!
  • Moses saw his people being treated badly and couldn't take it anymore, he decided to leave Egypt and go back to his home country of Israel
  • Many years later...
  • While Moses was taking care of the sheeps, one of them ran away into the mountains and Moses followed it
  • Moses I am God, I have seen my people suffer and I want you to free them. Go to the Pharaoh and tell him to set my people free otherwise I will send plagues their way. Do not worry I am always with you.
  • The sheep led Moses to this burning bush where God talked to him
  • God said to free the Israelites, otherwise he will send plagues to Egypt!
  • Moses listened to God and went to the Pharaoh
  • No! I don't believe in this "God"
  • After 3 plagues, the worst one came. First born sons of Egyptians were killed including the Pharaoh's son