No Blacks
Updated: 2/12/2020
No Blacks

Storyboard Text

  •  The president of the USA, is saying that the black kids not are permit
  • From today to ever old the black kids are going to be property of the state
  • This black family is thinking that they have to save their baby
  • If you don't want lose our dogther .We have to do something
  • The black parents put their dogther in the presidents car
  • oh! Whats that?!
  • the president presents the new member of the family
  • What are you doing whit this!!??
  • Hello...
  • 10 years leater...
  • i take 10 years living with a black person, and is fantastic.
  • in the black family...
  • our daugther!!!
  • yupiii, i have a new sister!!!
  • so from to day to ever, old people be equal.