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Defense Mechanism Cartoon Strip
Updated: 10/10/2019
Defense Mechanism Cartoon Strip
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Storyboard Description

In the first strip, Maria is allowing her forced smile to be taken off for a bit. Her masked appearance finally gets a chance to peak through without a crowd to witness. She develops a habit of expressing the opposite of what she truly feels. (Reaction formation) In the second strip, Maria battles the hardships of denying binge eating/ eating at all with her minimized angel and prioritized demons. Possible regression; returning to an earlier, comforting form of behavior. In the third strip, Maria denies food from worried coworkers despite her immense hunger and conscious calorie calculating in avoidance of becoming instantly "fat". She is in denial of her feelings, hunger, and eating disorder. Maria then isolates and occupies herself while experiencing an emotional overload. She weeps during the wee hours of the night while surrounded by books. In the fifth strip, Maria intensely focuses her remaining energy on painstaking academic classes and prepares for entrance exams. Maria is "escaping" her problems through intellectualization by undertaking an academic, unemotional study of a topic/s. In the last strip, Maria finally accepts that she needs help and acquires a psychologist. After months of 2/week visits, she learns ways to cope with her thoughts and enjoy the foods she likes to eat!

Storyboard Text

  • So hungry yet not thin enough
  • You'll only get FATTER
  • I wish I could binge again....
  • Psychologist
  • I'm fine, really!
  • 250 cals
  • *Info overload*
  • "...having a healthy outlook on our bodies!"
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