The legend of the Tree

The legend of the  Tree

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Mariana Jane Abrao Grade 12 Dauntless Zone 3 Sagrada Tinambac Camarinis Sur

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  • Get lost I have nothing to offer you!
  • A long time ago there'a a king who ruled a rich, prosperous island he had all the kings a king could ever ask for: the power,the wealth and all the delicous food one could only imagine.The kings name was king barabas.
  • King Barabas is a rude king and overweight indulging himself to all the available, hesitant to share. And his castle is starting to become filthy. He would mock the people especially his servants.
  • Then one day, an old hunched back woman showed up at the castle begging for food while the king was eating.
  • And eventually the king died.His people suddenly saw a tree which bore fruit grew from the place where he was buried.Slowly, the poeple learnt how to eat the food
  • The fruit, better known as the guava (bayabas) was named after king and it help to cure certain diseases such as toothaches to lowering sugar levels, and has a crown which represents the king arrogance and pride.
  • And thus, this was how the Guavas Originated.THE END!
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