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Of Mice and Men Final Project
Updated: 10/13/2020
Of Mice and Men Final Project
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  • Friendship
  • don't drink to much water lennie
  • george you should drink some water, its so good.
  • Loneliness
  • you two think i could work on your farm, i could help buy it with you guys.
  • Dreams
  • we are gonna have a farm and live off the fat of the lan'.
  • This scene is from the very beginning of the book, when George and lennie are on their way to their new job. George and lennie are both friends, they travel together. George is always there for lennie when he gets in trouble and lennie is always there when George needs someone to talk to. That is essentially what being Friends is.
  • Companionship
  • I Aint gonna say notin'
  • what are you gonna say when we get there?
  • this scene was before lennie came into crooks room. crooks is lonely since hes black he cant sleep in the bunk house with everyone else. The only company he has are his book, he doesn't have anyone to talk to, that makes him feel lonely.
  • Powerlessness
  • out of my room, i got a right to privacy, this is my room.
  • in this scene George and Lennie tell candy about their dream of having a farm. This scene represents dreams because it shows George and lennie's aspirations.
  • Barriers
  • George told me that you were trouble, now i might not tent the rabbits!
  • in this scene George and lennie are on their way to the new job, and gorge is making sure lenie know that only hes talking. This shows companionship because it shows how George and lennie always accompany each other anywhere they go.
  • In this scene Crooks tells Curleys wife to get out of his room, but she threatens him and he dosent say anything afterwards. This shows just how much little power Crooks had since he was black. Crooks was powerless against Curley's wife.
  • you know what i can have them do to you, your just a negro.
  • In this scene Lennie had just killed Curley's wife. This is now a barrier to George and lenie living on the farm because now curly will be out for revenge.
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