Updated: 1/27/2020
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  • Otto! Come here! He steals food. YOU RAT!!
  • My dear Putti...
  • Calm down, Edith.
  • Its all in the past now. Its time to celebrate. We are going to be free.
  • Everyone, I have good news.The invasion has begun.
  • Oh my, the invasion has finally started!
  • I'm really sorry, Mrs.Frank.
  • "The invasion has been postponed."
  • NOOOO!!!
  • One night, the mystery of the pesky rat was solved. It was Mr. Van Daan who had been stealing the food all along. Mrs. Frank's temper shot out of the roof. She demanded Mr. Van Daan to leave the attic.
  • I'm really scared, Pim.
  • Nothing's going to happen. Don't panic.
  • After the heated argument between everyone, surprisingly, Miep arrived at that moment with good news. The invasion had begun. Everyone was overjoyed.
  • Now we can live in hope.
  • Unfortunately, destiny wasn't always on their side. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong.The invasion was postponed and the Nazis were tracking down the thief, who had robbed the building.
  • I'm going way, Miep.
  • No, please stay Mr. Frank.
  • After a few weeks later, the telephone started ringing like crazy.It continued on for few more minutes then it stopped. They found this very suspicious. Well, their thoughts were soon proven right. Then, they heard violent knocks on the door.
  • The Nazis had tracked them down and captured them. It was the thief who had brought this fate upon them. Violently they took Anne and everyone else to the concentration camps.
  • Finally, after all the bloodshed and destruction, help had arrived. Those who survived were saved. But only Mr. Frank was the only one who was alive among everyone hiding in the attic with him. This broke him apart. He decided to leave Amsterdam.
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