soci345 assignment

Updated: 5/14/2020
soci345 assignment

Storyboard Text

  • I have written on a scroll of my latest work
  • That's great Aristotle. The scroll is an effective tool to delivery your work
  • Here you can read popular writings of Aristotle
  • Welcome to the Ancient library of Alexandria. This is where we keep the scrolls written by scholars
  • I would like everyone to have access to Aristotle's work therefore I will translate his scrolls in several languages and create several books.
  • several centuries later...
  • I am travelling across high waters and far land to read the ancient books by Aristotle. Here I have brought my sons who will be taught to read and write .
  • books are a great tool to help you learn how to read. They now include drawn images that connect with the story
  • I had an emotional connection with the pictures in the last book I read
  • This machine will produce more book in a short amount of time. By doing this, it will be distributed faster and reached across the world. Those who can afford this machine are highly encourage to make their own books and use it to teach others about intellectual literacy