Updated: 6/2/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Mom, dad, I have been thinking about it for long now, I want to become an ethologist.
  • Are you sure? What is this job even about?
  • Being an ethologist will allow me to study my favorite specie of animals: the tiger!
  • The tiger? Don’t you think it is too dangerous for you to come so close to this animal?
  • Not at all! At first, I will study their moves and habits, and then I will be able to communicate with them and to be acceptedby them!
  • And how would you know how they act if you have never been confronted to tigers?
  • I will not be alone! I will have another ethologist with me that is specialized with tigers, that way I can learn from him.
  • But where would you go to study tigers? It’s not like there are tigers everywhere.
  • Well, I could go to the tropical forests of Russia or the meadows of Asia. I am sure the landscape is beautiful abroad.
  • You will learn to communicate with tigers, but how will you communicate with other people if you go abroad?
  • If I am a recognized ethologist, there will be people translating for us, and I might even learn the language if I stay there enough.
  • Alright, fine.Tell us how we can help to get you started and we will see.