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Updated: 6/4/2020
Social Studies Storyboard
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  • Aqueducts
  • Farming
  • Entertainment
  • Water was brought into the city every day by Aqueducts coming down from the mountains. The Aqueducts carried 200 million gallons of water, and brought it to in-home fountains, and public baths!
  • Free Food
  • Most people farmed in Rome. Although people farmed for wheat and such, it couldn't provide food for the whole city. So, the city relied mostly on imports. The people who farmed had to use their surplus wheat to pay taxes to the government. This is one reason why the farming was so bad
  • Not working for surplus grain
  • we won't make any more!!!
  • The Colosseum was a form of entertainment for the Romans. There was also the Circus Maximus, which held chariot races to watch. Since there was no other way of entertainment, this was a important part of the Romans everyday life.
  • No work done
  • No Work!!!
  • The government provided free wheat for male citizens for their families. They did this because the citizens often went hungry. They got this wheat from the farmers who would provide their surplus grains as taxes. This was beneficial to the city folk, but not fo the farmers.
  • The government wanted all of the surplus grain from the farmers, which thee farmers weren't very happy about. So, they stopped producing extra grain that the government was going to take away anyway. They. Stopped. Caring.
  • The citizens stopped working because they didn't need to. They were provided baths, water, and free wheat. They didn't need to work to get these things, so they stopped working. The government provided this stuff to keep the Romans happy.
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