Digitial Citizenship story board
Updated: 3/13/2020
Digitial Citizenship story board

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  • Ok guys! Today we are going to be looking at an article on the spread of Corona virus from the beginning of January, roughly 3 months ago. Who can tell me an aspect of this article that may be lacking before even looking at it?
  • I would say the currency of the article may be possibly irrelevant considering the topic of the article.
  • Can anyone else expand on what Josh said?
  • Corona virus only really came about societies and the media quite recently, possibly even around the beginning of the year. Since then it has spread and many more cases have been reported.
  • I agree, if we want to look at an article that is adequately current from a digital citizen perspective, it would make more sense to search for an article that was written or updated within the last week or even the last few days.
  • I love the way you guys are thinking! You are definitely heading in the right direction.