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Abraham Lincoln
Updated: 11/15/2017
Abraham Lincoln
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Storyboard Description

Una pequeña biografía que reúne casi todos los aspectos de la vida del que fue uno de los mejores presidentes de EEUU.

Storyboard Text

  • Nacido en Kentucky, la familia en verda era inglesa y como tantos pioneros aricultores se habían trasladado al oeste.
  • "Hola, ¿que tal están? Soy Abraham Lincoln y como puedes ver, nací en una cabaña de madera. I grew up as a humble child. My mom died when I was a young kid."
  • -This is a southern field where a battle could've taken place
  • "Hello. Later on in my political career, years after I was a shopkeeper, I became President. You know about the Battle of Gettysburg, but did you know, after the battle, in November of 1863, I delivered the Gettysburg Address, a two minute speech, honoring and dedicating the lives of fallen soldiers."
  • Ford's Theatre, April 9, 1865
  • "I am John Wilkes Booth. I am the assassin of Abraham Lincoln. I shot him in the head and he died the day after on April 15, 1865."
  • "Good mornin', fellow younglings. I'm Jefferson Davis. I was also in a log cabin in Kentucky, like Abraham Lincoln. I had a great childhood. I would go to boarding and day schools and in the summer, I would play with my sister Polly."
  • "On the other hand, I'll just go back to sleeping on my piece of wood."
  • "As you know, when we seceded from the Union, we called ourselves the Confederate States of America. I became the President on February 9, 1861. I ordered soldiers to fire on Fort Sumter, starting the war. When Lee surrendered, I tried to call for reinforcements, but there were not enough, and we failed. As an effect of that, I was caught and sent to a prison in Fort Monroe, Virginia. I lived the rest of my life in peace."
  • R. I. P.
  • "Years after being released from prison, I died a peaceful death on December 6, 1889. Bye bye, fellow younglings."
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