Unknown Story

Updated: 10/2/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Scene 1: Introducing my Family.
  • Mam told us to enjoy
  • Yeah let's have fun
  • Yes mom, thank you.
  • Enjoy in the farm.
  • Scene 2: Going to town.
  • We'll live here for now.
  • Ok Honey Iloveyou.
  • Scene 3: Rich's Man life.
  • We fry food, almost 2 months
  • We're just a servants so we don't have choice but do our job.
  • When I was four, I live with my family in a small town on the island of Luzon. This is the farm of my father,but after a year ago my father's farm had been destroyed because of the Philippine Floods.
  • Scene 4: Rich Man's Children.
  • Several years afterwards, we all lived in the town though he preferred living in the country. We had as a next door a very rich man, whose sons and daughters seldom came out of the house.
  • Scene 5: The rich man was accusing my father.
  • Good Morning sir, I would like to inform you that your neighbor complaint your family
  • What?!!!I didn't do something bad to him
  • Now, this rich man's servant were always frying ang cooking something good, and the aroma of the food was wafted down to us from the windows of the big house. We hung about and took all the wonderful smells of the food into our beings.
  • Scene 6: My Father Goes To Court
  • Do you agree that you have steal the spirit of the Complainant's wealth and food?
  • LIAR!!!
  • No Judge.Why Would I do that? we are a happy Family and contented on what we have.
  • As time went on, the rich's man children became thin and anemic, while we grew even more robust and full of life. our faces were bright and rosy, but theirs were pale and sad. few days after, the rich man was already coughing. And his whole family began to cough.
  • One morning, a Policeman from the presidencia came to our house with a sealed paper. The rich man had filed a complaint against us father took me with him and go to the rich man's house and ask the the rich man "WHY DID YOU COMPLAINT US?" and he rich man said "You've been stealing he spirit of our food and wealth.
  • My husband is kind he's a good person sir.
  • When the day came for us, The Judge was asking my father I the complaint of the complainant was true. My father said "NO". After an hour of discussing the case was already dismissed."AND THEY ALL LAUGH TOGETHER"