Hero journey
Updated: 4/8/2021
Hero journey

Storyboard Text

  • Status Quo
  • You better give me my lighting bolt or else there will be war upon us!
  • I will try to find it, Zeus
  • How did you do in your English class?
  • Not good. My dyslexia is getting worse.
  • Call to adventure
  • Go away Siren!
  • Give me the lighting bolt!
  • What are you talking about?
  • Assistance
  • At the empire state building, Zeus is angry that he doesn't have his lighting bolt and orders Poseidon to find it in 2 weeks or there will be war upon them. At a high school, Percy Jackson and his friend Grover go to school. Percy is battling with dyslexia and can't understand the words when he sees them. Percy is angry that he can't understand and wishes he was like everyone else.
  • He takes a field trip with his school and go to a museum where they meet their tour guide, Mr. Bruner. Their substitute, Mrs. Dodds, attacks Percy and turns into a siren. Mr. Bruner is able to shoo her away but Percy is still curious on what was happing to him. She asked Percy for the lighting bolt but he doesn't know what she is talking about. Percy also finds out by his mom that his dad is Poseidon and he is not like the others because of that which he is shocked about. Before they leave, Mr. Bruner gives Percy a pen that is actually a sword to defend themselves.
  • One of Percy's assistance is Grover. He has been protecting Percy and has been helping him a lot along the way. He stands out for him a lot at home too. Percy sees him as his best friend but after an attack from the minotaur, he now knows that he is a Satyr and he is his protector. They are still very good friends even after Grover relevels his identity.